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Success Story of Jasbir Singh Sandhu

Jhok Sarkari village near Faridkot in Punjab is a village like many others all over India which suffered badly from unseasonal rains in April 2015. The maturing wheat crop in the village had seemed to be doing well and farmers were looking forward to the harvest festivities of Baisakhi with eager anticipation, when disaster struck. Repeated spells of rain accompanied by wind destroyed the wheat crop.



Narinder Mehta's Paddy Field

Narinder Mehta is a progressive farmer from Village Khai, near Ratia in Haryana. He prefers to cultivate rice and wheat in rotation on his 40 acre farm in the kharif and rabi season respectively. For the past few years he has been growing the high yielding rice variety Pusa 44 which normally yields anywhere from 34 - 38 quintals per acre.


Success Story of Jeeta Singh

Farmers in the village of Gihri Butter near Bathinda had traditionally grown green chillies for supplying to the nearby city. This crop was grown over 250 acres in this village but over the years, farmers faced the onslaught of deadly soil borne fungi which decimated their yields. They tried all possible fungicides available in the markets but the disease would recur in a more serious form after every application of chemical fungicides, this rendered the cultivation of this hitherto profitable crop, unviable. This saw the decline in acreages of chillies in this village to just 20 acres.



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