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Success Stories

Didar Singh's Citrus Orchard

Didar Singh a progressive and educated farmer from village 5 -O near Lakhian in Sri Karanpur Tehsil of Sriganganagar district was desperate. His 5 bighas (3.125 acres) of kinnows was in steep decline, his income had shrunk from Rs 2.7 lacs ($4,500) in 2012 to just Rs 1.30 lacs ($2,170) in 2013.


Success Story of Sadhu Singh

After his success with cabbage and cauliflower, Sadhu Singh has now become an ardent follower of our STEP System. The benefits this eco friendly system offers have never ceased to amaze him. His latest success has come about with brinjal.


Narinder Mehta's Paddy Field

Narinder Mehta is a progressive farmer from Village Khai, near Ratia in Haryana. He prefers to cultivate rice and wheat in rotation on his 40 acre farm in the kharif and rabi season respectively. For the past few years he has been growing the high yielding rice variety Pusa 44 which normally yields anywhere from 34 - 38 quintals per acre.


What Farmers Say