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Success Story of Om Prakash Niwag

Posted on November 21st, 2014

Our success on Kinnow continues with the stirring experience of Om Prakash Niwag, a progressive farmer from Golluwala village in Hanumangarh district of Rajasthan. Diagnosed with cancer and a diabetic to boot, he was desperate with his failing health and the precarious condition of his orchard spread over 25 bighas (about 15.6 acres). The orchard was established on slightly alkaline soil and seriously affected by HLB and Phytophthora. He approached us in mid 2013 after having tried most chemical pesticides for years with no success. His income from the orchard was barely Rs 4.50 lacs ($7,500) that year.

Having been misled by many people in the past, he was naturally hesitant at first to accept our recommendations fully. Yet he adopted a few of our procedures with very positive results. His orchard improved and in 2014 it has fetched him Rs 10 lacs ($16,500). Today his relief and joy is palpable and his health has also improved dramatically, he is now ready to adopt the complete STEP procedure, confident that at long last, he has met some people who guided him sincerely and cured his beloved orchard. He knows that citrus farmers who have followed our advice completely have got more than twice his income in the very first year from a similar area. He now recommends our STEP SYSTEM unhesitatingly to his friends and neighbours.