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Narinder Mehta's Paddy Field

Posted on December 13th, 2016
Narinder Mehta is a progressive farmer from Village Khai, near Ratia in Haryana. He prefers to cultivate rice and wheat in rotation on his 40 acre farm in the kharif and rabi season respectively. For the past few years he has been growing the high yielding rice variety Pusa 44 which normally yields anywhere from 34 - 38 quintals per acre. He had heard about the success of our STEP System from his friends and neighbours and the significant increases in yields these had brought about and he decided to give this new method a try in the kharif season of 2016.
To his amazement, the same Pusa 44 variety yielded 44 quintals per acre or a stupendous 11 tons per hectare on 40 acres. He has realised a total yield of 1769 quintals of paddy from his 40 acres valued at Rs 26.40 lacs. This is an increase of 6 quintals per acre or Rs 9000/acre. The quality of the crop is better and he observed a healthier crop with superior grain quality.