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Regalis SP


Current farm practices places excessive reliance on chemical inputs like fertilizers and pesticides for increasing production. There is extensive research which shows that the use of this strategy over the last several decades has had a deleterious impact not only on the environment but also on soil conditions all over the world.

Just as human intervention resulted in several species of wildlife becoming highly endangered and even extinct, excessive use of chemicals creates an imbalance in the soil affecting beneficial soil micro flora and fauna. Reduced activity of beneficial soil microbes is known to impact the availability of organic carbon, macro and micro nutrients and alter soil conditions such as pH and texture to the detriment of your crops. This only increases the tendency to apply yet more chemical inputs in an effort to restore productivity. In the long run, this can only lead to increased costs, stagnation of yields and loss of profits.


Regalis SP is derived from naturally occurring minerals and sea weeds which meets an urgent need of our farming community for improving soil conditions and making them more amenable for the growth of crop roots and beneficial microbes present in BioVac. When used as directed BioVac and Regalis SP work synergistically to improve the soil condition.

Regalis SP contains a unique blend of humic and fulvic acids, amino acids, cytokinins and extracts of nourishing plants like seaweeds, which are acknowledged by research to be a rich source of phytochemicals improving soil conditions. These organic acids help improve soil conditions necessary for better crop growth.

No synthetic chemicals are incorporated during the production of this product. These ingredients are specially formulated to improve their solubility in water to the extent of over 95% thereby increasing their bio availability. These products are known to improve availability of organic carbon necessary for the growth of beneficial microbes. This enables them to associate with the roots of your crops in a better manner releasing even more exudates that over a period of time improve soil texture and conditions significantly. These work together to help create conditions favorable for the growth of beneficial micro-organisms present in BioVac and in the soil micro-flora. A small quantity of insoluble chemical from plants and minerals could settle at the bottom of the spray tank.These residues are not harmful even if discarded in the crop as washings.


  1. Improving soil texture and condition.
  2. Restoring the Ecological Balance of Your Soil.
  3. Improved soil conditions which are a prerequisite for improved crop growth.


  • Dissolve 200 grams (7.2 oz.) in 200 litres (6.8 Fl. Oz.) of water and apply as a soil drench, 3 days after the field has been irrigated and the soil is firm enough to permit the use of farm machinery.
  • Soil moisture content in the subsoil is required in order to minimize the quantity of water and thereby product required to be used per acre.
  • Repeat application if adverse agro-climatic conditions warrant.
  • It is advisable to make the first application of Regalis SP at the time of sowing or at the time of first irrigation to any crop and repeat if required after the second irrigation.
  • If Biovac has been used at the time of sowing, the application of Regalis SP has been seen to provide even better results than if applied only by itself.