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Regalis Azo


Regalis Azo is presented in a twin pack. The first pack contains liquid formulation of Nitrogen fixing microbes and the second, Regalis Beta, contains a unique additive, necessary for the growth of microbes present in pack one.

Regalis Azo is to be applied during all critical stages of crop growth for maximimum effect. It is during these stages that nitrogen requirements are at their peak. Nitrogen is an important constituent of amino acids, vitamins and proteins which are necessary for crops to realise their full yield potential.



REGALIS AZO is a unique foliar spray containing naturally occurring microbes which fix atmospheric nitrogen and make it available to your crop. REGALIS AZO differs from conventional plant growth regulators since it comprises naturally occurring organisms which are vital for the health of your crop. These microbes multiply rapidly under favourable conditions and provide much needed nitrogen continuously, to meet the needs of your crop during critical stages of growth.

Normally, when chemical fertilizers are applied, nitrogenous fertilizers are either rapidly leached or volatilized. This can lead to shortages of this vital nutrient and failure of crops to realize their full potential. On the other hand, the microbes present in Regalis Azo, work tirelessly making this precious nutrient available continuously to your crops, thereby preventing deficiencies. Foliar sprays comprising beneficial microbes are sometimes rendered ineffective due to unfavourable conditions prevailing on the leaf surface caused by excessive use of chemicals as well as sunlight.


  1. Ensures optimum and continuous supply of atmospheric nitrogen to the plant
  2. Increases the crop's ability to handle moisture stress
  3. The presence of nitrogen fixing bacteria ensures that there is no deficiency of this important nutrient during critical stages of crop growth such as tillering, flowering and fruit setting. This enables crops treated with Regalis to achieve their full potential.


  • Apply Regalis Azo at the square formation stage in cotton and initiation of bud formation in other dicot crops.
  • Apply REGALIS AZO at the rate of 0.5 ml (0.017 Fl Oz) per liter of water (1 : 2000 dilution ) and the additive Regalis Beta, at 1 ml ( 0.034 Fl. Oz.) per liter ( 34 Fl. Oz.) of water during the critical stages of crop growth such as initiation of flowering, tillering and fruiting for best results.
  • Before spraying the spray tank should be half filled with water before the products are added. The add further water to complete the dilution ready to be sprayed.
  • Mix thoroughly before spraying. Do not store for any length of time after diluting with water, spray immediately after mixing it.