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Only Skin Deep – The Future of Human Civilisation

Posted on February 4th, 2015

Through time immemorial, wars have been fought over it and mankind has sung paeans eulogizing its many virtues. Yet today we either take it for granted or ignore it – as though it were nothing but dirt. This happens to be one of our most valuable and almost irreplaceable natural resources, our top soil. At many places just a few inches thick, this is veritably the skin of Mother Earth. This miracle of nature holds the key to our very survival and we need to understand how we can preserve and nurture it for future generations.


Charting an Alternate Path for Indian Agriculture

Posted on March 12th, 2014

There comes a stage when the technology used in any sphere of economic activity reaches a performance plateau where its promises and advantages are outweighed by new knowledge about its negative effects or by sheer economics, where the law of diminishing marginal returns renders every additional rupee or dollar invested in inputs delivering lower returns than the investment. This is the tipping point, where new ideas are required so the gains can be consolidated and built on instead of being frittered away.


Path to a Productive Future

Posted on October 27th, 2013

As we reach for the stars with great leaps in technology, it is easy to forget that our feet remain rooted to the ground and Mother Earth still remains the only home we have in the entire cosmos. Even as we seek to expand our horizons, we must remember the energy that enables to drive forward at increasingly blinding speeds owes its origins to nature's efficient  yet frugal ways (assiduously accumulated over the millennia by plants harnessing the power of the sun) that have created the huge reserves which we are exploiting today.