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What We Do

Mother Nature has been around for 4.5 billion years slowly, but surely shaping our planet making it what it is today, our only home in the entire universe. Mankind has been around for only about 200,000 years, which is only a few ticks of the cosmic clock. Nature has been around much longer – over 22,500 times longer to be precise, a sobering thought. In that period, she has witnessed cataclysmic changes in climate and mass extinctions of life several times where dominant life forms have perished in leaving only their fossilized remains. In all likelihood she will witness them in the future as well. We receive everything we need for our survival from Mother Nature, the air we breathe, our fresh water and the very soil we stand on and take for granted. The precious stones, metals and minerals we use, our oil and our food, clothing and shelter are all directly or indirectly basic products of nature. An invaluable and almost irreplaceable inheritance we have been fortunate to receive. As mankind progresses, we make ceaseless demands to the point where natural replenishment is not possible. We are polluting our air, our water including our oceans, destroying our forests and degrading our soil which will make our very survival that much more difficult. One of the most serious assaults on our soil, water and air is being carried out by that most basic activity of human civilization, our agriculture. The very land we love so much and fight over is losing its ability to grow food to meet the needs of an ever growing population. The very strategy we used in the first place to bring about the Green Revolution has reached its limits, exposing its undesirable consequences. Stagnating production from ever shrinking land holdings and spiralling input costs are threatening the livelihoods of countless small farmers in Asia, Africa and South America. If the demon of world poverty is to be exorcised, an alternate, evolving a more cost effective and eco friendly path for world agriculture becomes imperative. It is this alternative path that we have set out to define by evolving a robust technology that gives back to Mother Nature instead of taking away. A path that promises sustainable farming practices that will enhance productivity and rural prosperity. A path that is in step with Mother Nature. A path we call the STEP System or Sustained Treatment for Enhanced Productivity. More and more Indian farmers are joining up, heralding a quiet revolution that is making a world of a difference to the lives of thousands. Come join us to walk this path together.


To touch the lives of millions of farmers by helping them improve their farm gate profits, by increasing yields and cutting down costs of production by providing cutting edge cost effective solutions and in so doing, come to be regarded as one of the most innovative and customer friendly companies in the world which truly cares for the environment.


To consistently introduce innovative, eco friendly technologies and products which can outperform conventional chemicals and also help optimise their use so as to raise yields and reduce costs. Our systems and methods will be geared to address the uncertainties to agriculture productivity caused by climate change and its impact on beneficial soil micro flora and fauna as well as beneficial insects. To reverse the deleterious effects of chemical intensive agriculture such as alkalinity and salinity as well as soil texture on soil productivity